About Mauritius Catamaran Website

The Mauritius Catamaran website is your full guide and excellent source of information on catamaran cruises in Mauritius.

Our aim is to offer you detailed information on all the various catamaran cruises in Mauritius, while making sure to cater everyone’s requirements, so you can choose the most suitable catamaran cruise for you.

The Mauritius Catamaran website includes detailed information on:

  • General information about Catamaran Cruises in Mauritius
  • Selection of Catamaran Cruises available in Mauritius
  • Catamaran vessels operating in Mauritius

The selection of catamaran cruises on the website is vast and includes: catamaran day cruises, sunset cruises, catamaran cruises to Gabriel Island, Flat Island cruises, Ile aux Cefs Island cruises, West Coast cruises, catamaran cruises to St Brandon, VIP catamaran cruises, Exclusive catamaran cruises and Combined catamaran cruises & activity packages

The information is detailed while referring to both shared basis and exclusive cruises, to the different cruising vessels and to the various possible departure points.

Cancellation by Customer

If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your confirmed booking, your credit card will be credited with the appropriate amount as per the cancellation policy applicable.

This option refers to cases in which a cruise has been booked and reserved by the customer for a specific date, including:

  • Cancellation of an activity which has been reserved for a specific date
  • Cancellation of an open voucher after/gift voucher it was used by the customer to reserve a cruise for a specific date

In both these cases, cancellation charges apply according to the table here below:

DAYS Charge as the order amount for the activity
+30 days before reserved date for the activity 5%
15-30 days before reserved date for the activity 20%
7-14 days before reserved date for the activity 35%
3-6 days before reserved date for the activity 50%
less than 2 days before reserved date for the activity 100%

Please note:

  • All the above refers to working days only (Monday-Friday)
  • Reserved date for the activity = the specific date for which the customer is suppose to go for the cruise according to the reservation made by him/her.
  • These cancellation charges are calculated as a percentage of the total order amount for the activity the customer would like to cancel.
  • The date of which we receive the customer’s written notification of cancellation is the date we will use in order to calculate the appropriate cancellation charge.
  • In case an activity is canceled due to bad weather conditions, we guarantee to all of our customers a Full Refund. However, if the activity operates, rain or shine, and the customers decides not to go, the customer will be charged for the last minute cancellation.
  • In case of a “No Show” or in case a customer arriving late to an activity, the cruise will leave on time and the client will be charged for a last minute cancellation.
  • Where the cancellation charge is shown as a percentage, this is calculated on the basis of the total amount payable by the person/s for the cancelled activity.

Cancellation by Mauritius Catamaran

In the unlikely event of the cancellation of a cruise by Mauritius Catamaran, we will:

  • Propose an equivalent cruise to the client.
  • If the client chooses to refuse that option, then Mauritius Catamaran shall provide 100% full money refund to the customer in the total amount paid by the customer to Mauritius Catamarans for the activity which has been cancelled.