Mauritius Catamaran Cruises to St Brandon

St Brandon (Saint Brandon), also known as Cargados Carajos Shoals, is a group of over 50 islands, coral ridges and vast sand flats on an extended reef in the Indian Ocean, situated 268 nautical miles north east of Mauritius. Classified as a dependency of Mauritius, St Brandon is part of the Mascarene Islands.

St Brandon is cut by three major passes and extends 50 km from north to south and 5 km wide. The reef area is 190 km2. It has perhaps the largest algal ridge (a structure formed by coralline algae on a coral reef) in the Indian Ocean.

There are indeed very few places on Earth left that modernization has not been able to touch. Man has re-visualized creation and redefined the physiographic of several places, suiting them to his ever-changing needs and desires.

St Brandon is one of those rare places to have escaped this transformation.

Saint Brandon Island Mauritius

Upheld in its natural state, its uniqueness embraced in its originality, St Brandon is a piece of Paradise that seems to have preserved itself for the angels to pull away.

Catamaran Cruises to St Brandon Island:

Saint Brandon Island Mauritius


Enjoy a unique once in a life time catamaran cruise trip to St Brandon Island discovering this hidden gem of Mauritius and enjoying various activities such as diving and fishing.

The trips to St Brandon are ideal for those looking to do the extraordinary, discovering a true heaven on earth with various astonishing species and having a lifetime memorable experience.

Diving Safari Catamaran Cruise at St Brandon:


On-board a luxurious 50 feet catamaran you would head for about a 30 hours of sailing reaching the remote virgin island of St. Brandon for the best diving experience of your life.

From blue turquoise lagoon, to passes, to sea cliffs to undiscovered sites, the underwater world of St Brandon has a lot to offer and to discover! Sharks, turtles and rays always come around with curiosity to observe divers.

Welcome to new diving adventure in an uncharted destination!

Saint Brandon Island Mauritius
All the diving sites are very lively and colourful. In terms of tropical fauna, you will have the opportunity to discover Parrot fish, Trigger fish, the Babone which is a unique fish at St Brandon and some interesting species of nudibranch.
Manta rays have been spotted in St Brandon, with chance you might come across this beautiful giant and inoffensive creature. Pelagic fish as big tuna, king fish, barracudas are common on all dives.

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Catamaran Fishing Expedition to St Brandon:

 Fishing St Brandon Island Mauritius

When fishing at St. Brandon you are sure to target various species and to have a once in a life time fishing experience.

It is going to be the most spectacular bonefishing experience you will ever encounter! Most tides anglers can expect to see shoals of these shallow water speedsters. Over the past season we have landed Bonefish of up to 87cm fork length and weighing 15lbs.

St Brandon’s is also the most productive Indo-Pacific Permit fishery witnessed. When specifically targeting these gloriously finicky fish, guests can have multiple shots per day.

The GT fishing can be quite varied. Some days you can see over 100 fish and at other times none at all. St Brandon’s isn’t a place where you are going to get shots at GT’s everyday but it is certainly the place to break the 100 cm mark.

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