Advance Booking for Catamaran Cruise

How much time in advance should I book the catamaran cruise?

Booking for Catamaran Cruises in Mauritius

Because the Catamaran cruise is the No. 1 most popular touristic activity in Mauritius, it is recommended to book your places for the catamaran cruise enough time in advance.

This is especially important during the peek tourist season in Mauritius (September – March), when the island is busy with tourists. During this period, in order to guarantee your place on your desired catamaran cruise, the catamaran cruise should be booked few months in advance.

During regular season it is also recommend to book the desired catamaran cruise enough time in advance (about 1 month in advance), so you can be sure to guarantee your places on the cruise of your wishes on the time and date that suit you most.

Few additional factors which should be taken in account for determining the required period for your advance bookings are:

  • The cruise type - some cruises departs only once a week, so for such cruises it is recommended to book your places longer time in advance
  • The popularity of the specific cruise you are interested in
  • Exclusive catamaran or Shared basis catamaran - exclusive catamaran should be booked longer time in advance
  • In case you have special requirements such as: special meal requests (vegetarian, lobster etc), customized cruise plan, special entertainment program and so on, then you better book your places longer time in advance
  • How big is your group - when the booking is for a bigger group of people (or a big family), then you should make your booking enough time in advance to guarantee places for all members of your group

Mauritius Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius

You should consider that if you wait until the last minute to make your booking, probably only few catamaran cruises will still have availability (and probably these will be the less popular cruises).